Public areas usually have very high volumes of human traffic and often have shared communal areas such as entrances, exits, waiting areas, stairways, washroom areas, toilets and sometimes shared grounds that usually need maintaining especially when it comes to keeping the complex clean and safe on a daily basis. In some cases, shared public areas and have no managed services and other businesses on the complex and individuals pitch in with no idea who is actually responsible for the duties that are regularly carried out and so collectively come to an arranged agreement to maintain the cleanliness of the building/complex. However, some areas of non-managed shared facilities can very quickly become dirty and untidy.

At Jelly cleaning we have years of experience when it comes to maintaining premises that need maintaining to a high standard and we always keep our standard at the highest level.



  • Communal business parks
  • industrial parks
  • Private flats

Generally commercial tenants who share public areas and commercial landlords always want access areas, entrances, car parks, bins regularly changed and kept clean. General upkeep of a complex is expected to be kept clean and safe to the highest standard and regularly maintained. often this does not fall under the landlord’s responsibility and in some cases regularly require pressure washing, specialist floor cleaning machines and buffers to keep facilities clean and safe. At jelly cleaning we have the experience to step in and provide highly trained staff to maintain these standards and ultimately carry out all duties that are required to be completed on an ad hoc basis or regular scheduled cleaning and maintenance.