Initial cleaning is the perfect way to prepare your home for a regular weekly cleaning schedule, initial cleaning will typically involve a more thorough clean of your home which includes areas of the home that don’t get much attention such as light switches and plug sockets to take away the grubby marks left behind over time, remove dust and clean tops of door frames, dust removed from skirting boards and wiped clean, high and hard to reach areas of the home, dust and cobweb removal from behind your toilet/s and foot of your bath, sides of your fridge/s and freezer/s that collect incredible amounts of dust over time, PVC front doors that have collected dust and wiped clean, cobweb and dust removal from extractor fans and air vents in bathrooms and bedrooms, dust taken away from tops and sides of picture frames etc.

Once an initial clean has been completed, maintaining the cleanliness of your home becomes easier and in no time your home will be cleaner than it has ever been before.